Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maximize Your Maxi

There tends to be some misconception about the fabulous Maxi dress. Wether you think your too short, too tall, or too frumpy for this great and long lasting (pun intended) trend, your just plain wrong! Everyone can wear a maxi and look astonishing. Still don't believe me?

The best part about the maxi dress is its simplicity. The only piece of clothing you need to create an entire outfit (other then undergarments...in most cases anyways). So embrace this quality of it, but also own it. There's a million different ways to wear a maxi. Here are a few of our fav's.
1.Belt it 
If you find that maxi's are just not flattering, add your favorite belt. This will add more shape and  enhance the appearance of your curves (in the best way possible) 
2. Top it off with a sweater
Wear your favorite sweater over your maxi to make it look like a skirt. This is a great way to add versatility. You can wear your favorite maxi as a dress one day and as a skirt the next (in other words be lazy without looking the part).
3. Do it with Denim
Maxi dresses look great with a denim jacket. Even the simplest black maxi can look glamorous with your favorite denim jacket and bright colored bag
4. Rock it with leather
If you think the maxi dress trend is too girly for you, wrong again! Ditch the wedges and make this look totally bad ass with some worn out ankle boots and your favorite leather jacket. 
5. Be effortlessly Boho 
pick a super flowy version of the maxi and layer on your chains and stones.
 (Add a headpiece for extra boho chicness)

-Studio 1220

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  1. Sooo many great tips! I WANT MORE!