Monday, September 24, 2012

Cuff Love

Cuff bracelets are back again this season and we are LOVING them at Studio 1220. Cuffs make a bold statement alone but can also be worn with other accessories. Don't fear the size of the cuff bracelet,the bigger the better, right? With that being said, You can still over do it. I'll teach you some ways to work some cuff love into your wardrobe while remaining a "sensible stacker".

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fashion Past, Present & Future: The Evolution of Plaid

From 50's rockabilly, to the 70's punk rock era, to 90's grunge, plaid has quite the colorful history. Plaid actually goes as far back as the 17th and 18th centuries and was derived in Scotland. During England and Scotland's rival years, the English actually banned plaid and would throw anyone who wore the Scottish trademark into jail, sometimes for years. You can see then why all the rebels of the 20th century decades were attracted to plaid so much. The rockabilly greasers who listened to music their parents just didn't get, punk rockers who were so anti-establishment and the angst ridden youth of grunge. Yet plaid was a fashion that you would normally see only on men.
How women started wearing plaid, I picture going like this; 'On a cold and rainy night in New York, Seattle or a quiet little town somewhere in the Midwest, a couple is watching a movie and drinking wine. The boyfriend's plaid shirt is lying next to them on the couch, he offers it to her to warm her up. She forgets to give the plaid shirt back, oops, brings it home and realizes how amazing it looks with jeans, some boots or heels and how fun it is to accessorize with jewelry and scarves. She starts to wear it out and about. People in the town or city streets see how cool and casual this look is on her, and it spreads like wildfire, sweeping the world of women, creating plaid thieving gals everywhere. Needless to say the boyfriend didn't get his plaid shirt back.' Now plaid is made for women as much as it still is for men.
Many designers have incorporated plaid into their collections of dresses, pants, suits, hats and scarves. It looks like plaid will continue to be a part of fashion culture for generations to come and why not, it's probably, dare I say, the most versatile staple piece of all time.

Meet Melinda

For my second interview I spoke to Melinda, Studio 1220's General Manager, Assistant Buyer, and just generally jack of all trades. Melinda has been with Studio 1220 for about six years but has been a loyal customer for much longer then that. We love Melinda's outgoing personality and great sense of humor. She always keeps us laughing (and of course dressing brilliantly!)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meet Briana

I'm excited to bring to you a series of interviews with some lovely women that we are so glad to have on our team here at Studio 1220.
My first Interview is with Briana, store Manager at our Coronado location. 

   If you happen to drop by she'll likely introduce herself as Breezy. She's one of the most personable ladies we have ever met and her bohemian style mesh's perfectly with her sweet and admirable personality. Coming from a small beach town three hours north of San Diego she naturally loves riding her bike along the beach, body surfing and soaking up the sweet rays of So Cal. She tells me her favorite part of working in Coronado is getting to know all the locals while also hearing about far away places from the many tourists and, of course, getting to style anyone whose up for it! When I asked Briana how she would describe her style she said it's daring, creative, and whimsical but also dynamic. She gets her inspiration from random shops and people. She's not afraid to try anything and translate it to make it work for her. 
Her favorite piece in her closet is any of her many high waisted maxi skirts. "I have a long torso so the high waist makes me look taller then I actually am." 
I tell Bri I have this theory that everybody has what I like to call a "Power piece" when you put this on, whatever it may be, it makes you feel like a freakin' million bucks! When I asked Briana what her "Power Piece" is she responded with "My black suede Steve Madden wedges. No matter what I put them on with I feel instantly sexy!"
Briana(... or Breezy...or Bri) is all around one super cool cat and not to mention a brilliant stylist. Go get glammed up by her at Studio 1220 in Coronado!!

-Studio 1220