Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Art of Sophistication

The world is full of dualities; good and evil, night and day, girl and boy. But it's not always that black or white, there can be a little good and evil in all of us, sometime you can see the moon in the light of day and sometimes you can be a girl who happens to like men's clothing. Throughout the 20th century a lot has changed for women. They got the ability to vote, stepped out of the kitchen and into the workforce and became equals to men. So it is no surprise that women's attire changed as well. Skirts and dresses they had been expected to wear prior were just not practical for the new working class woman, so they started wearing more pants, suits and button down blouses with collars.

                                                                                  Coco Chanel
There was one person that helped to shape this new androgynistic style for women and that lady was Coco Chanel. We can't help but pay most of our homage to Coco, she lived in a time when ladies were supposed to be dainty and helpless and full of femininity. But that just wasn't her, she started sewing her own fashion line full of men's style coats and trousers in the early 1900's in France. She quickly became the toast of Paris. Now, the entire world knows her name. Her style was synonymous with sophistication and spoke to many women who had felt suppressed for so long and gave them apparel to be taken more seriously. 

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                                                                                     Diane Keaton

Another style icon that is hard to ignore when talking about tomboy styles is Diane Keaton, particularly her role in Woody Allen's classic 70's movie Annie Hall. She revived the Coco look and breathed new life into it. Her classic white dress shirt, vest and tie is something that she was spotted wearing not only in the movie, but in real life as well. She is also known for her love of blazers, which were known as smoking jackets by men who used to wear them to special events and to look sharp out on the town. Somehow she has managed to combine a perfect blend of feminine and masculine and still look sharp and beautiful.

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