Monday, July 9, 2012

The 'not so soft' side of fashion

There's this fantastic thing happening in fashion, yes I'm talking about the 90's revival or "grunge" era. I know some of your stomachs are turning just thinking about it but don't be so quick to turn up your nose. This is a much needed embrace and reminder of all things that are rebellious and free spirited. And not too worry, 2012 is keeping it cleaner than 1990, so don't toss out your hairbrush just yet. Here's a couple ways you can rock the grunge look without the stench. 

There's something so simple but well thought out about this trend. It's aggresive but still feminine enough. 
For starters I took one of our many Trunk band tees. The graphics are from real band posters. This Led Zeppelin is one of my favorites with its faded out color and racerback cut. It's still feminine and fits well but has the right amount of effortless appeal.


In another one of our Trunk Band Tee's (AC/DC, I love that it reads "Dirty deeds Done Dirt Cheap") I layered some gold chains and threw on my dingy denim vest. I love the "anti-fashion" attitude of this look. It's got the whole "I'm really not trying" thing going on.
If your ready to step it up try out a mesh top with a bandeau, this look is seductive without being too feminine. I threw on my favorite skull necklace to really kick it into 'bad ass' gear. 
This super soft acid wash shirt is one of my faves. You can throw this on with just about anything! Dress it up, dress it down, belt it, and don't forget to accesorize!

These are just some simple starters that will get you feeling a little rebellious and into the 90's spirit! Grunge up your look even more with some combat boots or those Doc Martin's hidden in the back of your closet. For more ideas head into your local Studio 1220 and ask one of our stylists for help! 

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