Saturday, June 23, 2012

Color Blocked & Ready to Rock

Color blocking is a trend that's been around for awhile now but is showing itself more and more in our summer wardrobe. Being somebody who normally sticks to muted and earthy tones, these bright new hues were a lot for me to try to take in, let alone wear on a daily basis but there is a certain aspect of combining these contrasting colors that makes you feel artistic and individual. Even if everyone is doing  it, this is a trend that you can truly make your own. 
Heres a couple tips to get you feeling like a real color blocking pro

1. Start simple. 

There's a huge variety of tops that already incorporate a color blocking pattern. This is a good place to start. Somewhere where you don't have to do the work. So if your having trouble picturing the color wheel, (or you just haven't had enough coffee) Try this out for size!

Tip from the pro's: Add your favorite colored denim and some aztec inspired jewelry. 

2. Intermediate Color Blocker.
 When your ready to step up your game an easy trick is to throw on a bright colored top with a contrasting bandeau or tank. This bright orange bandeau is the perfect compliment to the royal blue top. 

Tip from the pro's: Forget about matching. It is natural to want to match your shoes to your top but you have got to get away from that. Matching is so 2005....(or something like that) The more contrasting color the better. You'll know if you've gone overboard. 

3. Really Rockin' and Color blockin' 
Ready to really go all out? Do the same kinda thing with your top. These sheer blouses really make it easy to add an extra color aspect. Matching up this teal classic top with a sassy hot pink bandeau (opposed to, say a white tank?) really adds that right amount of bow chicka wow. Don't stop there, Add a colored denim in a bright hue. (Lots of colors would have worked here, I like to think patterns from the 80's for some funky inspiration). Add some bright pieces of jewelry for just one more color.  
Please note the crazy cool bag this chick is rockin (to die for!)

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