Monday, September 24, 2012

Cuff Love

Cuff bracelets are back again this season and we are LOVING them at Studio 1220. Cuffs make a bold statement alone but can also be worn with other accessories. Don't fear the size of the cuff bracelet,the bigger the better, right? With that being said, You can still over do it. I'll teach you some ways to work some cuff love into your wardrobe while remaining a "sensible stacker".

Big Love
If you have a large cuff keep it simple. Use these as a true statement piece or to add something shiny when you are wearing a plain sweater or a solid colored tee. You can also wear these with your favorite little black dress!

Double Cuff Love
Another popular and surprisingly stunning way to wear cuff bracelets is to wear the same simple cuff on both arms. It gives you that whole wonder woman look in an exceptionally polished manner (and without the leotard). 

Stacks of love
If you want to stack bracelets with your cuff be sure to keep it minimal. I have a couple simple gold bracelets that I like to put on after my cuffs. They can make your arms look slimmer if worn properly. Try these in gold or silver 

Adorn your arms with great cuffs and stackable bracelets at amazing prices here or at your local Studio 1220!!

Show us your stack in a comment!
-Studio 1220 

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